“I’ve been having lessons with Jan and they have been so enriching. In the lessons I’ve had with her, we put our efforts on the creative part of music. I was amazed at my improvisation skills, which I didn’t know I had :)”

– Jaume Fornos, student



Lessons with a focus on developing your own style and expression, using a playful and holistic approach

Jan Lee believes that music is a sense that can be available to everyone.

Inspired by her multidisciplinary training in music, song, dance and theatre, Jan has a playful and approachable teaching style, great especially for children, adult beginners, and returners to the piano.

Her lessons are founded on efficient and sustainable use of your body to play the piano, influenced by Alexander Technique.

Why learn the piano?

The piano is the instrument of all instruments, with a vast range of sounds of the whole ‘orchestra’ of your imagination… diverse in its textures using both percussive and melodic qualities, rhythmic and lyrical expressivity, it is at once the accompaniment, the soloist and the ensemble…

Why learn the flute?

The flute evokes many beautiful moods with a simple line of melody… mysterious and meditative, or joyful and bubbling, with sounds that can ebb and flow inspired by the scales and modes of different traditions and fusions …

What happens in a lesson?

We will learn to play the music that inspires you!  You’ll be guided through the different elements of music including harmony, theory, technique, through different genres such as classical, contemporary, jazz, folk and popular music, learning through practical exercises together that Jan has developed over her experience of teaching.  Depending on what kind of learning supports you, you’ll be given tools to build up a sound knowledge and experience of playing the piano or flute, responding to your interests.  Some people learn best visually, others sonically, or physically. So we will play through tasks and games visually, kinaesthetically, aurally (through the ears), and using the voice, to support your creativity.

We can also go further into the creative elements of music, looking at composing our own songs or pieces and learning how to improvise. We can also look at how we can create music in collaboration with other art-forms such as theatre, videos, film, dance or animation…

As well as tools for playing music, we’ll learn to develop good ears and expand your imagination to play with more possibilities. We will also learn how to have an efficient healthy posture and way of moving while playing, allowing you to build a healthy and sustainable technique for playing music with longevity!

You are most welcome to bring to the lessons specific pieces of music or skills or goals that you want to achieve. Please contact Jan now to have a chat about what you’d like to get out of your piano or flute lessons!


“Jan’s teaching has helped me work more in the moment, and unlock a freer and more dynamic creativity. My first lesson was the most fun I’ve ever had at a piano.”

– Oliver Lamford, student


 Jan Lee - creative music lessons for piano and flute


Jan has been teaching music since 2008, with students of diverse backgrounds and ages.

She studied Piano and Flute at the Royal Academy of Music from 1996-2003, and has a Performance Diploma in Piano.  She also has played music for dance and  theatre productions, as an accompanist for singers, and in collectives fusing music, dance and theatre in London, Bristol and Beijing.

As an artist she has a passion to develop creativity as a form of inclusive and alternative education for all. She is inspired by her multidisciplinary background in music, song, dance theatre, and somatic body awareness. Her lessons are fun and dynamic, as well as supportive and sensitive.

She is influenced by her Alexander Technique education as a musician, which looks at the way you use yourself to play your instrument in the most efficient and sustainable way for the health of your body and mind.

Individual lessons

Individual lessons are uniquely approached to suit your interests, pace, and level.

A 1-hour weekly lesson is recommended for most individuals to progress in the different aspects of piano or flute playing. Shorter lessons are also possible. Lessons can be booked in advance in blocks.

Jan can teach you online, or travel to you*, to teach you in the comfort of your own home, on your own piano or keyboard. Or if you prefer, lessons can be taken in her place*. *depending on COVID rules

Different options of rates are available, including concessions for certain areas and times. Please drop Jan a line and let her know your preferences, where you are based and what times you are available for lessons!

Group lessons

Group Lessons are a great way to learn in the company of friends, to practice playing music together, and a cheaper option.


Contact Jan now to book a trial lesson and to discuss what’s best for you!

Email: jan.lee.uk@gmail.com

Mob: 07834 227 678

“…accomplished and skilful but also flexible, sensitive, patient and perhaps above all, appreciative of the vocal journeys the participants’ are exploring… a shining personality, infectious sense of humour and genuine enthusiasm… incredibly present in the work whilst acknowledging the supporting role you are playing.”

-Neil Paris, director of SMITH dance theatre on Jan’s work in Explore Your Voice and Sing courses